Company Background

The Company was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1993. It is a private company with substantial experience of commitment to service excellence and client satisfaction.

The Company started the trading arm of its business by introducing odor control products to Hong Kong market ten years ago and is now expanding the products into Asian markets.

In 1998, the Company has successfully applied the odor elimination systems into the biggest slaughter house in Hong Kong. Since then, the Company started additional new line of air purification products. Apart from odor control business, the Company also involved in water/wastewater treatment, which is an environmentally friendly service that produces virtually no pollution.

Our Company has teamed up with Canada and mainland partners for export our environmental products to Asia and applying advanced environmental technology into the water/wastewater treatment so as to enhance the water quality control. By taking advantage of the existing good track records over years, our services and products have been increasingly welcomed and well received by Hong Kong, Macau and mainland organizations.

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